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Captain Randy Aguillard
Junior Deputy Program
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Captain Randy Aguillard, supervisor of the D.A.R.E. program, has served the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office for 23 years. He served in Corrections, Uniform Patrol, School Drug Task Force, Burglary, and General Investigations. Captain Aguillard has been certified to serve in D.A.R.E. since 1994, and has received certification in numerous areas including Elementary and Middle School Curriculum, Parent Program, Mentor, and Training Facilitator. He has a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from LSU. Captain Aguillard is also a certified D.A.R.E. trainer and often conducts and hosts seminars. He is a training staff member for the Capitol Area Regional Training Academy delivering blocks of instructions on Crime Prevention, Sexual Harassment, and Crisis Negotiations to cadets and is a certified Hostage Negotiator and Crisis Intervention Specialist. In his free time he actively participates in the Baton Rouge Jaycees, Boys Scouts of America Istrouma Council, Girl Scouts of America, St. Jude Intramural Athletics, Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Training, Most Blessed Sacrament Weekend Confirmation Team, The Easter Bunny Foundation, Gold Wing Riders Association, and serves as a Eucharistic Minister at St. Jude Church. He’s been married to his wife Jamie for 21 years and together they have two children. He is a third generation law enforcement officer.

Junior Deputy Program
On February 15, 2008 the East Baton Rouge Parish Junior Deputy Program was once again implemented. The program was first formed and operated under Sheriff Bryan Clemmons in 1948. This initial program was the first Junior Deputy Program to be formed within the United States of America. We are proud to say that this program is once again in existence, under Sheriff Sid Gautreaux's Administration, so as to be of service to the Citizens of East Baton Rouge Parish.

The Junior Deputy Program will train the youth of today in a manner that will promote strong, solid, patriotic, law-abiding citizens that possess good moral character, integrity, trustworthiness, and the desire to perform good deeds for others. This will be accomplished by providing the knowledge and skills that will be learned as each student progresses through the program. Each will be given the opportunity to see what they can accomplish for themselves, with the assistance and coaching by others that know how to complete a specific goal. Each Junior Deputy will be a mentor to the next class of Junior Deputies. In this manner, each will have the best qualities brought out in him, or her, while they are learning what it is to be a Junior Deputy.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Junior Deputy Program, as of February 27, 2008, is an "Explorer Program", Post # 734, which is through the Boy Scouts of America. Initial Membership will be open to relatives of Law Enforcement Officers within East Baton Rouge Parish. Subsequent Members must be United States Citizens that reside within East Baton Rouge Parish, and are between the ages of 12 years and 18 years of age.

The Junior Deputies will attend classes that will introduce them to numerous Law Enforcement Topics. They will be introduced to other Law Enforcement Agencies where they will learn the functions of each respective agency. Junior Deputies will also go on field trips to various places that are law enforcement related. These will include a tour of the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab, a tour through the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison, and a tour of Angola State Penitentiary. The Junior Deputies will also learn about specialized Law Enforcement Divisions, such as the K-9 Division. They will be able to observe demonstrations, which will teach the Junior Deputy what each Specialized Division is capable of doing and how they are used to protect the community.

The Junior Deputies will also participate in a Marksmanship Program. The East Baton Rouge Parish Junior Deputy Program is affiliated with the National Rifle Association. Appropriately certified Rifle Instructors, and their assistants will supervise the Junior Deputies, while they are on the Rifle Range. The Junior Deputies will be shooting a .22 cal., single shot, bolt-action rifle on a 50-foot course. Each individual Junior Deputy will earn National Rifle Association Marksmanship Medals as they progress through the various stages of the Marksmanship Program. The Junior Deputies will learn to properly, and safely, care for, use, and respect a firearm. This skill can later be passed down so that their children, and eventually grandchildren, can enjoy the outdoor sports of hunting, competition shooting, etc.

During the summer, the Junior Deputies will be able to attend a "Summer Camp". As we are an Explorer Post, 734, with the Boy Scouts, our Junior Deputies will be able to attend Boy Scout Camps. While at Camp, they will have many activities in which they can learn new skills and enjoy being with their friends in a supervised and safe environment.





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