Tax Delay Notice

East Baton Rouge Parish
Post Office Box 3277 Baton Rouge, LA 70821

OFFICE 225-389-5000
FAX 225-389-5032

Dear EBR Residents,

Our parish has experienced unprecedented challenges and losses as a result of the recent flooding, and will continue to experience challenges in the aftermath and recovery period. The East Baton Rouge Parish Tax Assessor was in the process of advertising and certifying the 2016 ad valorem tax roll following its completion. The Assessor has advised, however, that the flooding has now made some assessments null and void, requiring reassessment.

In accordance with La. R.S. 47:1978 et. seq. a Tax Assessor has up to an additional (6) six months to complete the property reassessments following the flooding. At this time, however, the East Baton Rouge Parish Tax Assessor says he anticipates reassessments will be completed by the first part of February 2017. Upon completion, he will deliver the final 2016 ad valorem tax roll to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff. The Sheriff, as the Ex-Officio Tax Collector, cannot mail the tax bills until after the final tax roll is received from the Tax Assessor. After receipt of the tax roll, it will take the Sheriff approximately (3) three weeks to mail the approximately 200,000 tax notices.

Therefore, the purpose of this notice is to advise property owners that they will not receive their ad valorem tax bill until February 2017, and to advise the tax recipient bodies, for which the East Baton Rouge Sheriff collects taxes, that they will not begin receiving 2016 ad valorem tax disbursements until the 10th business day of the month following the mailing of the tax notices to the public. According to the Tax Assessor’s anticipated timeline, this is currently expected to be in March 2017.

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