Delta Narcotics Task Force and Baker Police Seize Additional Synthetic Marijuana & Guns Following Yesterday’s Bust

As a result of the synthetic marijuana bust yesterday in Baker, detectives with the Baker Police Department and Delta Narcotics Task Force conducted a further investigation into Mr. Happy's novelty and smoke shop located on Plank road.

Agents were able to locate and secure both owners, Dustin Graham and Justin Marcantel. While on scene, a parcel delivery company delivered a large box that was later determined to contain approximately 1,500 additional packets of synthetic marijuana of different brands. Marcantel claimed ownership of the synthetics.

Based on information corroborated on scene, Agents conducted a voluntarily consent to search of the owners residence located at 9771 Jefferson #106. As a result, agents located an additional $4,846 dollars and also located 21 firearms ranging from assault rifles, high powered shotguns, multiple pistols, and a Barrett barrel for a bolt action 50 cal rifle.

During questioning, both subjects advised that the weapons and cash were proceeds from the sale of synthetic marijuana.

ATF has been contacted for a follow up investigation.