EBRSO Arrests Man For Attempted Kidnapping and Obscenity

Today East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested the man that approached two juveniles in the parking lot of Cheer Force Academy and grabbed a woman at Bally’s.

Joshua Elias Fino, 19, of 15659 Ferrell Avenue is charged with Attempted Simple Kidnapping, Simple Battery, Obscenity, Criminal Trespassing and Video Voyeurism.

Deputies responded to a call on Sunday night at Cheer Force Academy on Tigerbend in reference to trespassing by the same man that made inappropriate comments to teenage girls in the parking lot. A staff member reported seeing the same Hispanic male in a black Volvo in the parking lot. He stated the vehicle sped away when he approached it.

Detectives have received similar complaints in the past several weeks about a male matching Fino’s description. On March 27, 2014 a female victim was followed from Bally's Fitness, located at 10000 Perkins Rowe, to her vehicle parked at the Fresh Market parking lot. The victim stated that the male appeared to be filming her with his phone. The victim stopped to allow the male to pass, and he appeared at her driver's side door when she got to her vehicle. The victim stated the male asked her personal questions and when she tried to get in her vehicle, and he allegedly grabbed her arm in attempt to pull her out the vehicle. The victim pulled away and slammed her vehicle door. The male went to the passenger side door and opened the door in attempt to get in. The victim quickly backed out the parking space and left the parking lot.

On March 31st Detectives responded to 11580 Perkins Road, Oakleigh Apartments, in reference to an obscenity call where the victim described a male matching Fino’s description. The complainant in this incident originally contacted the Sheriff's Office when a male followed her around the parking lot and asked her inappropriate questions.A witness observed Fino’s vehicle and obtained a license plate number and gave to detectives. On April 7, 2014 at approximately 2:30 a.m. hours detectives located the suspect at his residence. Fino admitted to sitting in Cheer Force parking lot that evening watching pornography on his cell phone and committing a lewd act. He also admitted to being in the Oakleigh Apartments and asking a woman inappropriate questions. When the female declined, he stated he walked away. He said he later lay down on a parking curb and touched himself while in the view of a female that was walking into her apartment. Fino admitted to also following a woman from Bally's Fitness to her vehicle and filming her walking.

Fino was booked into parish prison on the above listed charges.

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