EBRSO Application Information

Effective September 19, 2018, the EBRSO Body Art Policy has been revised. If you applied previously and were disqualified based on your body art, you may re-apply.

The EBRSO Body Art Policy is intended to ensure all EBRSO employees present a uniform, clean, neat and professional image. Body art is defined as, but not limited to, tattoos, brands, and intentional scarring.

  • Body art cannot contain nudity, profanity, or be perceived as gang related, criminal, obscene, sexual, racial or detract from the professional image of the Office.
  • Body art which is visible on the arms below the elbow while wearing a short sleeve uniform shirt must be covered unless the total area of body art is smaller than 3x5 inches. Solid colored black long sleeve shirts or flesh colored tattoo cover-up sleeves are approved options for covering body art on the arms.
  • Body art to the head, neck (above the neck line of a t-shirt), and face is prohibited.
  • Minimal body art on the hands (below the wrist bone) may be allowed, but is subject to approval on a case-by-case basis by the Sheriff or his designee.
  • Mutilation, tongue bifurcation, and foreign objects inserted under the skin are prohibited.
  • The use of gold, platinum or other veneers or caps for the purpose of dental ornamentation is prohibited. Capped, veneered, or natural teeth shall not be decorated with designs, initials, or jewels.
  • Excessive and unusual piercings are prohibited.
  • Tongue ornaments and facial piercings may not be worn while on duty.